And every time it’s a step back.

And though I may live by day, I do so love the night.

I had this stunning realization today while driving. I love my truck. Have since high school. It’s small. It’s yellow. It gets the job done. Today I’m driving back to my place and I hear my shocks squeaking. My leathers ripped. My buttons are weathered or missing. My side seat panel falls off. My passenger door is offset. My CD player doesn’t work. And I never think about that stuff. Ever. I drive a few hours a week and I never think about the imperfections, even when I’m directly dealing with them. Even in those testing moments, that yellow truck is perfect.

Now my girlfriend is probably upset because this is about my truck and not her. I get it. The thing is though is that every blue moon I glimpse these imperfections with my truck. That doesn’t happen with her. They’re there. They have to be there; no ones perfect. But they’re not there for me.

And that’s just pretty darn alright.


80s music brings me back to good times like when i wasnt alive

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If you think you’re being very clever about something, hiding it away from those closest to you, they most likely see right through it but love you enough that they just shut up and hope for the best.

To all my nature junkie followers:

You have to listen to the Morning View album by Incubus. Start off with “Wish You Were Here.” Trust me. My favorite album of all time. It just works. More people need to know!